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Terms & Conditions

Thanks so much for reaching out to us or at least finding our site and reading this content. Do we bill pre-service or after service? That is the question. And the answer is pre-service. All new Clients must pre-pay their Invoices before we get started. Pre-payment can be made via credit card on this very website, and payment can be made 24-7. This is a secure link, so no worries.

Ok, so regular clients who send us work daily/weekly may be granted the opportunity to be placed on Invoice pay rather than pre-pay. Invoice pay means we will Invoice you once service is complete and then payment can be made within 30 days. Please note that after 30 days, an administrative/late fee will be added to that Invoice. So be prompt, please.

Dallas Office:
Accurate Serve®
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As mentioned in the T&C section above, payment can be made on this website at any time, on any day. In addition to that, you can mail a check to our physical address, also listed above. Checks and credit cards, that’s what we are set up to accept. We thank you in advance for your expedited payment and we in turn will try to expedite your service of process.

Addresses & Attempts

We are awesome at what we do and we are here to help you get your papers served. Please help us by supplying us with as much info as possible. If you have more than one address, give us the best address to start with, so we can keep our costs low. We do charge per serve per address. Do you have a photo of the subject? That helps, trust me. Sometimes people try to conceal their identity.

Our service fee is not just a one attempt and then we’re done. Hopefully, we get all papers served on the first attempt but that will not happen. We will go back a few more times, totaling usually 4 attempts. If the serve is at a commercial location, we will generally try during normal business hours. If the address for service is a residence, then we will try at all times of the days and different days of the week.

So, let’s say you pre-pay but then the case immediately settles. If no attempts have physically been made to attempt to serve that paper, your refund shall be granted. If we have drove to the address, knocked or walked through that door, we must invoice you for our services and at that point, sorry, no refunds will be permissible.

We are here for you. Communication is key. Call Brandon and his Accurate Serve® of Dallas team now for your process serving needs.

The Entity of Muscato, LLC d/b/a Accurate Serve® of Dallas and Winston Honore Holdings, LLC d/b/a Accurate Serve® are released from any liability or claims that may arise out of using this service.

Our Process

A day in the life….so, we are sent papers to serve from Attorneys, or their Assistants/Paralegals. We confirm receipt, review the documents and reach out if we have any questions. Once all of the pertinent info is logged into our software database, we either reach out for pre-payment or get to work, if you are an established Client.

What does get to work mean? That means we take your papers, get them to our Server, get them printed and then physically drive (or travel by some means) to the given address to inform the recipient of the contents of the documents being served to them and the action they need to take going forward. We are messengers, messengers of the court system.

Routine service is within 4 business days. Rush service is within 24 hours. Same Day Service is that day, no matter what. To expedite your serves, please email your serves to the email address on this website or use the Send Work tab on the menu bar. You will be set up to receive automated updates from our system. If you send us a lot of work, be prepared to receive a lot of emails in return. It is our goal to always update you before you reach out to request service.

After we get your papers served, we will produce an Affidavit of Service. And then rinse and repeat, we are back at it again. We love that you found us, we are fun to work with and professional at the same time. Please call or email today so we can build our business relationship one paper at a time.


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